10 x Equine 600XT (1 pack)

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Sold in packs of 10 Posts

  • No More Insulators
  • Does Not Rust ever
  • Frangible extra safety
  • No sharp edges on the top of the post
  • Standard Hole spacing

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$6.64 per post tax incl

  • Std AU ø6.0mm
  • Custom ø6mm
  • Custom Slots (fill in Form)
  • Equine E40
  • Equine E95

More info

GreenMoxie 600XT for Equine applications.

600XT can have slots added for the application where electric fence tape or other flat product needs to be threaded through the Fibopost .

Typically the most common use is for “poly tape” a woven plastic tape 40 and 95 mm wide with conductors for electrification to reduce the cost of the equine fencing the Fiboposts are customised with slots for the tape. The slots are designed to prevent any chaffing of the tape . Select E40 or E95 for hole spacing see Down Load pdf .

The FIBOPOST does not rust ever !! Rusty steel is also a favourite place for C. tetani to hang out along with other infectious bugs another reason to replace the steel Star Pickets with the Fiboposts for your Equine event or property

The Post will flex and is frangible in extreme circumstances where a bolting horse would break through rather than be ripped and torn as in other fence posts in steel, concrete or timber. The top of the Fibopost XT does not become a hazard through it sharpening from impact from driving into the ground.

Fiboposts with electric tape make great round yards providing safety for the riders and horses.

Ask about our customised slots and hole spacing selection of hole sizes and slots.


Installation_ instructions

Instructions and recommendations for installing Fiboposts

Download (194.91k)

Custom Spacing

Custom hole and slot fill in form

Download (189.99k)

Equine Slots

Equine Slots E40 and E95 slots and hole matching

Download (98.41k)