100 x Frangible 600XT Star Picket Replacement

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  • Frangible extra safety,
  • No sharp edges on the top of the post,
  • 200mm hole spacing,
  • Make Your Work Place or Work Zone safer with GreenMoxie Safety Posts

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$3.73 per post tax incl

  • 200mm ΓΈ6.0mm

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Manufactured from recycled PET plastic recycling number 1 sourced from Water & Cool drink bottles , Plastic Strapping + other packaging products .

Fiboposts are also self-insulators a beneficial safety feature when being driven into the ground. This also means that if they have contact with electric cables, the Fibopost will not conduct electricity.

Fibopost will Never rust or leach harmful chemicals into the ground, is suitable replacement for Steel Star Pickets , T-posts and timber posts for fencing, safety barriers, supporting barrier mesh, is a electric fence insulator, will not burn and is frangible.