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Plastic Star Picket Fence Post and Dropper replacement

Rural Fencing

GreenMoxie XT Posts “GM-XT Post” do not need insulators nor does the GM-XT Post rust! Or rub the wire wearing the galvanising off.
In flood conditions GM-XT Post has flex and spring and debris will not build up like a rigid timber or star picket fence.
GM-XT Post is it's own insulator even mesh can be electrified. Difficult livestock , predators , pests and other native fauna can be controlled with options not available before the GM-XT Post. Ask about our customised slots and hole spacing selection of hole sizes and slots all part of a impressive GM-XT Post arsenal in livestock control.
GM 369XT is ideal for Strip Grazing and fencing application where the fence is less that 1.0m high , 5 wire electric fence or plain can be used with droppers.
GM-Droppers are a  perfect addition to the fence project decreasing the time of fence erection and the cost by reducing the number of line posts without additional insulators in electric fences . GM-Dropper's are important in any fencing application as the droppers will maintain the separation of the wire and hold them apart whether a prefabricated mesh or plain wires.
The GM-XT Post is a plastic post with superior strength reinforced with fibres , in hard ground and rocks a pilot hole must be drilled so that the GM-XT Post is installed correctly for the best performance , in softer ground the GM-XT Post can be driven directly into the ground.

The Post will flex and is frangible in extreme circumstances where a bolting horse would break through rather than be ripped and torn as in other fence posts in steel, concrete or timber. The top of the GM-XT Post does not become a hazard through it sharpening from impact.