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Equine Horse Fencing round yards

Equine Fencing

GreenMoxie 600XT “GM-600XT” can have slots added for the application where electric fence tape or other flat product needs to be threaded through the GM-600XT post .
Typically the most common use is for “poly tape” a woven plastic tape 40 and 95 mm wide with conductors for electrification to reduce the cost of the equine fencing the GM-600XT posts are customised with slots for the tape. The slots are designed to prevent any chaffing of the tape .
The GM-600XT post does not rust ever !! Rusty steel is also a favourite place for C. tetani to hang out along with other infectious bugs another reason to replace the steel Star Pickets with the GM-600XT posts for your events /concerts .
The Post will flex and is frangible in extreme circumstances where a bolting horse would break through rather than be ripped and torn as in other fence posts in steel, concrete or timber. The top of the GM-600XT post does not become a hazard through it sharpening from impact from driving into the ground.
GM-600XT post with electric tape make great round yards providing safety for the riders and horses.
Ask about our customised slots and hole spacing selection of hole sizes and slots all part of a impressive GM-600XT post arsenal in livestock control.


  • GM-Equine Arena Kits


    GreenMoxie Equine Arena Kits

    • Dark Green or Mint White posts
    • End Post Assembly (corners and gate) x 6
    • Universal GM buckles for 40mm tape
    • NEMTEK 40mm electric fence tape
    • Energiser wire connector assembly
    • Gate Kit 2 tapes and handles
    • Instructions

    FREE Shipping

    GST included in Price for pickup at nearest

    Shipping DEPOT

  • GM Equine Fence Kits


    Equine Fence Kits 65m, 100m or 200m with 40mm tape


    • GM-600XT Posts spacing 6m

    • 3 or 2 tapes NEMTEK 40mm Tape

    • 40mm tape

    • Buckles and Joiners

    • End post assembly (note tape should only be tensioned to take slackness out)

    • Energiser Connections

    • Instructions

    FREE Shipping options pick-up at nearest shipping Depot or GM-factory

    We will advise nearest depot before shipping some postcodes excluded


  • GreenMoxie RoundYard


    Sold in Kits

    • Light weight for ease of handling

    • eliminate insulators

    • Does Not Rust ever

    • Frangible extra safety

    • Ø 5m temporary yard optional tape reels

    • Ø 16m round yard

    • Ø 20m round yard

    • NEMTEK Tape Rail 40mm for strength

    FREE Shipping options pick-up at nearest shipping Depot or GM-factory

    We will advise nearest depot before shipping some postcodes excluded


  • 10 x GM Equine 1.65-2.1m


    Sold in packs of 10 Posts

    • Light weight for ease of handling

    • Does Not Rust ever

    • Frangible extra safety

    • No sharp edges on the top of the post

    • Standard Hole spacing or special hole or slot spacing .

    • Ideal for tape Rail and 40mm tape eliminate insulators

    Door to Door shipping Select at Checkout.

    Note: some postcodes are excluded.

  • 6 pack GM- Uni-Buckle


    GM-Uni-Buckles for 40mm Electric Fence Tape pressed from stainless steel buckle ensuring a very good electrical connection while keeping tape flat and will not rust.


    • Ideal for joining tape or repairing damaged sections.
    • End termination
    • Live connection to energiser or other live lines
    • Terminate to End Assembly
    • Connections for 40mm tape gates

    Can be used for any 40mm tape fence and tailored to GreenMoxie – Posts for horse fencing or any other application where 40mm electric fence tape is used.

    One Universal buckle does it all >>>

    Sold in packs of 6

    Free Shipping

  • Tape Reels Retro Fit


    Sold in Kits

    • Light weight for ease of handling

    • Suites Ø 5m temporary yard

    • Suites any E40 slots in GM -Posts

    • Supplied with or without Tape Please choose your Option

    Free Shipping

  • GM Driving Cap


    GM- Driving Caps

    • Protects the top of the post during installation

    • Even if not hit square will protect

    • Hammer or post driver applications

    Free Shipping