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Change will be made to clause 304.10.02 PLANTS sub clause 13 , MainRoads WA

13. Unless otherwise specified in the Drawings, all stakes shall be durable hardwood, straight, free from knots and twists and pointed at one end, stakes shall not be made of metal. Plant ties shall be a minimum 25mm black rubber or hessian cloth reinforced rubber ties or other approved non-abrasive material.

The release of this specification will be early 2019 , in the interim Main Roads have authorised the adoption of this new specification which allows the GM-Posts to be used for plant stakes roadside and this is being promoted to advance sustainability , recycling and safety.

 Enquiries on the proposed changes to Specification 304 can be directed to Main Roads on 138 138 or

The GM-600XT series posts meet requirements for AS1742.3 for various work zones adjacent to roads and is the new alternative that will not shatter on impact.
GM-600XT and 369XT replaces steel star pickets and other non Frangible posts to meet Frangibility requirements being non-hazardous in the traffic zone if struck by a vehicle, making the work zone safer.
GM-600XT's are bright and stand out increasing the visibility at night .
"The advice given to WorkSafe inspectors at this stage is that steel star pickets should not be used where they are located within one metre of the traffic path. Outside this area discretion should be used" from WorkSafe Victoria- Basic Traffic Management Overview May 2005, endorsed by VicRoads
The GM-600XT does not rust ever!! Rusty steel is also a favourite place for C. tetani to hang out along with other infectious bugs another reason to replace the steel Star Pickets with the GM-600XT and 369XT posts for your events /concerts .
GM-600XT and 369XT posts are great insulators in the event that they are driven into or next to underground power lines they will not conduct saving lives and preventing injury but remember “dial before you dig”