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MAIN ROADS Western Australia Specification 304 Revegetation & Landscaping Document is in review soon GM-posts will be able to be used in this application

GM Stakes recycled

The “China Ban” on recycled materials has identified the inadequacies of the recycling industry here in Australia where the reliance has been on merchants trading in waste rather than recycling or building a sustainable circular economy which has now been emphasised in the stockpiles of waste and the diversion to land fill .

Companies like GreenMoxie have been recycling waste into product but have been excluded from potential markets due to restrictive specifications by many authorities that have excluded the possibility of recycled products as a alternative.

Now thanks to Hon. Rita Saffioti MLA Bbus, Minister for Transport; Planning; Lands; one specification by Main Roads is currently in the process of reviewing and revising the Main Roads' WA Specification 304 to allow for “posts and stakes made from recycled plastics to be used for re-vegetation projects, provided they meet strength and durability requirements.”

This small step will need to filter down through the public authorities and the recycled products will have to compete on price and performance , this opens up the access for sustainable procurement policies in this field . 

Now we need all the main road authorities across the country to adopt this and there is the potential then for recycled products to replace timber and reduce reuse and recycle plastic from waste streams.

The challenge now is to convince managers of these projects that recycled products are not inferior or uneconomic and that we need to consider the total benefit of waste reduction longevity of these products that can be high performance and their value in reduction of landfill.

This is a positive big step for circular economy and sustainability ,a small step in in recycling planting 40000 trees and staking with GreenMoxie recycled posts would remove 80tonne from the waste stream the stakes would have a long life and could be reused recycled after the tree is established . We still need to find more markets for the waste strapping that GreenMoxie recycles into posts in WA there is +1500 tonnes of this single use plastic material that is generated every year this is a great start we need more action like this to drive the reuse/ recycle / reduce and embrace the circular economy …..... Now it is time to look at some of the other potential uses replacing steel star pickets on all construction sites with GreenMoxie Posts ? 


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