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Accessories for GM-Posts and kits , these accessories are designed or selected for the best performance of the Greenmoxie posts and products .


  • GM Post and Printed...

    $476.30 From
    $47.63 Per Post & Sign

    10 x GM-Posts with Clip on Signs printed

    safety signs send your selection for sign

    or provide hi resolution pdf of your artwork

    for advertising or special ..

    Material 1.4mm PP printed with UV for long

    life .

    Printing included

    Signs Lock into post holes

    Clip area not included in print area.

    Shipping options;

    Pickup at GreenMoxie Shop Malaga

    Pickup at nearest DEPOT  

    Care of to a commercial Address in your Town

    Door to Door 

    For the best shipping 

    Call now TEL:+61 0450 753 877



  • GreenGuard x 50

    $107.25 From
    $2.15 Per GreenGuard

    GREENGUARD® is a durable, weather resistant and 100% biodegradable tree guard that outperforms like no other.

    Sold in packs of 50 GreenGuards With options of GM-Stakes and Ties

    • Light weight for ease of handling

    • HIGH Speed Installation

    • Australian designed and manufactured using Australian cardboard/pulp

    • Options add GM-Stake / rubber ties

    • Tested Durability 18months

  • GM Flashing LED Lights

    $30.60 Per Light incl GST
      • Solar flashing light with 4 LED's (lights)

      • Monocrystalline solar panel and light sensitive switch for automatic illumination in the dark

      • Features a class 1 reflective band and a 500m visual range

      • Fully sealed from water and dust

      • A flash rate of 60 times per minute 360° direction

      • Adaptor fitting for GM-posts with locking screw (optional tamper proof screw)

      • Material: PC+PP+ABS , Waterproof IP54

    *** Free Shipping ***

  • GM Driving Cap

    $49.50 per GM Driving Cap

    GM- Driving Caps

    • Protects the top of the post during installation

    • Even if not hit square will protect

    • Hammer or post driver applications


  • 6 pack GM- Uni-Buckle

    $7.70 per buckle

    GM-Uni-Buckles for 40mm Electric Fence Tape pressed from stainless steel buckle ensuring a very good electrical connection while keeping tape flat and will not rust.


    • Ideal for joining tape or repairing damaged sections.
    • End termination
    • Live connection to energiser or other live lines
    • Terminate to End Assembly
    • Connections for 40mm tape gates

    Can be used for any 40mm tape fence and tailored to GreenMoxie – Posts for horse fencing or any other application where 40mm electric fence tape is used.

    One Universal buckle does it all >>>


    Sold in packs of 6

    Free Shipping

  • GM End Assembly Kit

    $45.50 per Kit

    GM end Assembly

    • 2x clamps

    • 1 x 600XT Post 1800mm  and 1 x 369XT post ( Stay) 1500mm


    Free Shipping with Round Yards , Fence Kits or Arenas

  • Auger Bits

    • Ø 22mm x 400mm

    • Ideal pilot hole to keep the posts straight

    • Suites Battery operated Drill


    Free Shipping

  • Tape Reels Retro Fit

    $37.75 From

    Sold in Kits

    • Light weight for ease of handling

    • Suites Ø 5m temporary yard

    • Suites any E40 slots in GM -Posts

    • Supplied with or without Tape Please choose your Option


    Free Shipping

  • Tape Handle


    Gate Handle for 40mm tape including;

    • Spring loaded

    • 1 x Universal Buckle


    Free Shipping

  • Electric Fence Tester

    $18.15 per Unit

    Multi Light  Electric Fence Tester

    • Checks energisers for proper output
    • Checks Fence Lines for Shorts

    A Must for all high voltage or low impedance electric fence systems

  • GM Rubber Ties ( 5 packs)

    $3.30 Per Pack

    80mm rubber plant ties

    5 Packs of Ties (150 ties in total)

    Hold plants in place without slipping

    Will last for years

    Free Shipping