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DIY projects

"Do it yourself" is the method of building, modifying, or repairing things without the direct aid of experts or professionals .

Here we selected DIY projects , these are tested plans / information to get the project under way keeping then simple with basic tools some projects are listed as ideas based on known proven concepts .


  • Tyre Base Plans


    Great option for setting posts no need to drive the posts into the ground for Strip grazing , gives extra support for signs and the post can still be driven in .

    Not necessary to use GM-posts could be any type as long as the hole is tight on the post.

    Here is the list and method to calculate the cut line.

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  • Light Hook Instructions


    A simple easy project for the home / garden these great lights will last all night with 6 hours of sunlight look great and easy to put in storage for winter

    Lights can be purchased for $2 from Kmart or other sources. They will last 2-3years if brought in during winter

    Have fun with this FREE information for the project. 

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  • DIY Grower Tube plan


    This is starter plans for a simple growing system , this is a tested and proven design the template for cutting the holes is essential ( a hole saw does not work)

    This is a great project if you have limited space or want to move your system in and out of the sun for growing .

    It's about having the ability to grow your own . For a beautiful salad

    Register and check out with nothing to pay we will send you the link for Down load of the notes and instructions with the template for to suite most standard 1.25Litre PET bottles