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Face Splash Shield

GMA Face Splash Shield is designed to offer face protection while allowing for the wearing of most face masks and other PPE. Sanitary wiped at packaging supplied as non-sterile nor sanitised.

The visor wraps around the face giving increased peripheral protection. The air gap between the headband and visor assists in anti fogging allowing a flow of air to help minimise fogging. The edges of the visor are thermoformed to hold shape . The thermoformed head band features rolled edge for skin contact to off set the headband reducing the skin contact to reduce sweating . GMA Face Splash Shield are designed to be used as many times as deemed appropriate for the given usage.

GMA Face Splash Shield can be disassembled for cleaning and sanitising.


    • New

    Manufacturing Face...


    All inclusive tool kit for manufacturing Face Splash Shields

    Aluminium tools preset ready for production

    Pictorial instructions

    No skills required , 1000 face shields per day

    Only require clean PET bottles see image for minimum sizes

    Shipped internationally with DHL or FedEx

  • 20 x Face Shield...


    Model# GMA1.25A

    Sold in Boxes of 20 Face Shields

    Face Shield weight 31grams

    Self locking adjustable Head Band Strap

    Rolled thermoformed Head band for comfort

    Minimal Skin contact reduce sweating

    Wrap around visor increasing peripheral protection

    Made in Australia creating employment

    Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods Identifier# 336814 for Greenmoxie Australia Pty Ltd

  • Face Shield Prototype...


    These instructions are Free to down load when you register with a email address and check out with nothing to pay and we will sent you a download link for a pdf file , a series of steps with pictures easy to follow.

    Do not expect to be able to have high production this is a starter .

    Downloading the design and instructions you agree to be bound by the terms of EULA (End User License Agreement) .