Face Shield Prototype Instructions

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Do not expect to be able to have high production this is a starter .

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This Face Shield has been designed where simple process that does not require high skills to manufacture the component .

This design and process is not certified. This is a guide for testing and prototyping the design in a home or home workshop environment , if you are going to supply these face shields as a PPE (Personnel Protective Equipment) item to front line  health care workers you should seek approval from these agencies that you are going to supply too . This is not a production process but allows for the prototyping of the Face Shield to test the design and possibly manufacture a limited number for personnel use .

To get started you will need :

  1. Utility or craft knife

  2. Scissors

  3. Ruler

  4. Marker

  5. Round Ice cream tub 160mm diameter x 2

  6. Rubber bands

  7. Hole punch either hand or office type

  8. Iron Electric 2400W (preferably with non stick coating

  9. 2x 1,25Litre PET bottles Clear with a band that is flat for the label per Face Shield


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