20 x Sloping/Trip Wire Add-on


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Options :

  • Custom Hole Spacing
  • Wire Clips for speed of erection
  • GM-posts Insulators
  • Recommend Bi-polar Energiser systems

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Slope/Trip Wire Add on
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Sloping Exclusion Fence

This concept can be added to existing fences . The use of GM droppers on a plane wire fence can allow the fence to be electric see Dropper page for new Ideas


A 5 km length of this fence was tested for 46 months with no known dingo breaches (Bird

et al.1997).

Trip Wires

Boosting Exclusion fences , enhancing existing fences or building a low cost highly efficient options for fences.


The effectiveness of the trip-wire has been trialed. Three, one kilometre sections of fencing with an electric trip-wire were monitored for two years. Electrified sections had a reduced incidence of hole formation beneath the fence (by target and non-target

animals) compared to nonelectrified sections, resulting in no dingo or foxes breaches by

this route (Fleming et al. 2001).

The trip wire configuration reduces the incidence of target animals breaching the fence over the top by jumping the addition of the electric wires on the top of the fence further enhances the the fence .

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