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Emergency Livestock Yard Kit


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This Kit contains parts for these options

1 x Ø 20m round yard 3 tape


2 x Ø 10m round yard 3 tape


3 x Ø 7m round yard 3 tape

  • Light weight for ease of handling total Weight 40kg 

  • eliminate insulators

  • Kit has instructions , auger bit , driving cap, string line for round yards, electric energiser connections, buckles , gate handles , fence tester .everything included

  • NEMTEK Tape Rail 20mm 

  • Optional Energiser ,extra 200m tape and carry bags 


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Emergency Kit Carry Bags
Nemtek Agri 3 Solar internal battery Energiser
Extra 200m tape with parts
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Kits supplied with Posts , Tape , buckles, gate handles, string line for measuring post spacing , instructions laminated  and electrical connections. Posts are Mint (light Green tint white) White  1650mm posts with 20mm slots for tape spacing options see post detail with slot spacing three tapes.


Extra Tape  for increasing the number of tapes to 6 in the options may be necessary if animals are mixed sheep and horses for example or untrained then the extra tapes can alternated between earthed and Live Included is 200m tape , 27 buckles , 9 handles and 3 engiser connectors

Carry Bags for storage so the kit is ready to go in a emergency two bags 1 for posts 33kg and the second for parts ~7kg

Energiser Nemtek Agri 3 with built in battery and solar panel

Specific References


Installation Instructions

Instructions for installing and removing GM-posts

Download (416.99k)

Universal Buckles instructions

Instructions on the use and application of the universal GM - tape Buckle

Download (945.43k)

GM Round Yard Assembly

How to set up GM Round Yard Kit

Download (209.42k)